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Giving Tuesday 2020

We always try to keep philanthropy in our philosophy here at Yugen. This year, we've donated items to local fundraising auctions to help children with incarcerated parents, to help homeless students, and other similar initiatives. In addition, we also did a fundraiser in January to raise money to help with the NSW efforts with the wildfires in Australia, and over the summer we donated to the Baltimore Action Legal Team help those participating in the Black Lives Matter movement and being detained for seeking justice. A portion of our sales through partners also gets donated to the ever fabulous The Planetary Society to help fund space research and education! If you visit their website and go to their retail store, all purchases made there...

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Small Business Saturday in the age of COVID

Hello, lovely friends. I'm coming to you today with some of my thoughts and gratitude on Small Business Saturday. Every year, this day comes and goes. And every year, we are grateful. But this year feels different. REALLY different.2020 started like every other year - coming off of the Christmas season and making big plans for the rest of the year. Shows were scheduled and paid for; supplies were ordered; designs were underway. Then the pandemic took the world by storm, and we were left in the shambles of its wake. For our safety and that of our community, I had to shift everything for the business to survive while the ground continuously moves beneath our feet.For over 6 months, we were...

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Blue Moon Halloween

Happy Saturday, Halloween, and Blue Moon, beautiful people! It feels like such an auspicious trifecta that I may try my luck at gambling. Cheese rolling? Ferret bingo? Bog snorkeling? (Yep, these are real things you can bet on). Sike, who am I kidding. My luck is bunk, so perhaps I'll just sit tight with my ducats and let someone else play the ponies. A blue moon occurs when a calendar month has two full moons, thus the saying "once in a blue moon" to indicate something that doesn't happen frequently. In fact, the last blue moon was March 31, 2018, and the next one is slated for August 31, 2023. On average, a blue moon ascends every two-and-a-half to three years. ...

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