So it has been a while since a blog post has been added here, and what a time to share something new! 
First and absolutely foremost, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! To all of my LGBTQIA+ friends, I'm lucky to know you. And today, officially, as a business owner, I'm proudly and openly standing with you as a fellow member of this community. While this hasn't necessarily been a secret, it hasn't been something I've come outright and spoken much on, either.
While my friends and family have known for a few years that I identify as bisexual/pansexual, it's not something that I wore on my sleeve as a business owner. Not because of shame or fear, but because taking up space in this community when I am in a committed heterosexual marriage has been something I struggle to navigate. But the truth of the matter is this - bisexual-erasure and pansexual-erasure runs deep. I didn't see myself in pop culture, didn't know many fellow friends or allies who identified as bisexual or pansexual, didn't know what to call it or how to identify it or how to BE it in the world. But the only way to do those things is to be true to yourself and share that truth with the rest of the world. So here I am, demanding space, showing that I'm here and queer regardless of the gender identity of the person I fell in love with and chose to commit to.
Why does this matter to my business, and how will it impact it moving forward? 
Figuring out how to take up space in the business community was a different struggle, but for similar reasons. Touting my queerness as a way to draw in potential financial gain based simply on this part of my identity, especially during promotions with partners during Pride month, was hard to navigate for me personally. But again, I keep coming back to the truth - which is this IS a part of who I am. And the more visible we are, the more we encourage others to do the same, and the brighter and more beautiful our world will be. 
So with this claiming of space, I'm excited to announce that starting today, June 1, 2021, 10% of the proceeds from every sale of products from our Cosmic Pride collection will be donated to The Trevor Project. As someone who came out later in life, my wish is that more young people who identify as LGBTQIA+ will feel empowered and supported to take up space and live their lives as their truest self. This won't just be for Pride month alone, but for every day moving forward that these products are available. And, hopefully, with more to come!
I'm also excited to announce that I am an official featured artist in the Pride campaign with Uncommon Goods! They've picked up a few of our Cosmic Pride pieces to celebrate, and donations will be made by us from those sales just like those on our website.
And last but not least, to mark the occasion and to hopefully jump start more additions to come, I'm excited to introduce 3 new products to the Cosmic Pride line!
Nebula Rainbow Pendant by Yugen Handmade - LGBTQIA+ Pride Jewelry, Cosmos
ROYGBIV nebula rainbow LGBTQIA pride hoop earrings
Nebula rainbow vertical dangle earrings in silver tone for LGBTQIA pride, ROYGBIV
Be sure to check out the rest of our Cosmic Pride collection and be mindful to support other LGBTQIA+ and black owned small businesses this month! Juneteenth is coming as well - our world has a lot to celebrate in June.
Love each other, everyone!

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