Trouble with Go-Yugen?

Since September 2016, we have had a lot of angry and confused customers. With reason! There is a company called Go-Yugen that has opened and is scamming people out of their money. They sell printed hoodies and apparel, but do not send products and do not reply to emails. We are in NO WAY affiliated with this company. They opened this business with our name and without our knowledge. Have you ordered from them and are in the same boat as most of their other customers? No product, no response, yet they still have your money? Here are some steps we recommend.

-First and foremost, get your money back. Contact your bank or credit card company and issue a chargeback.
-Contact Shopify Support (their selling platform) and report their store. Be as detailed as possible about what is going on. Let them know that you have issued a chargeback and a company this disreputable shouldn't be on their platform. We opened a case against them a few weeks ago, but the more people we have reporting on this, the better off we'll be in getting them shut down!
-Report them to the FTC and/or BBB.

You can find them on facebook and on twitter, though we don't expect you'll get a response there either. We do feel terrible that you've had a bad experience with this store, and wish there was more we could do to help. But as we are not affiliated with them, this is the best we can offer you.