There's a LOT we can learn from Uranus

There's a LOT we can learn from Uranus

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Do you ever feel like you've been knocked off your axis by life? Yeah, us too. But not every obstacle has to halt the momentum of your energy and existence - just ask our ice giant friend Uranus, which was named after the Greek god of the sky.

According to myth, he was the father of Saturn and the grandfather of Jupiter. Although there is limited scientific information about our seventh planet in comparison to other components of our solar system, we do know that Uranus actually rotates on a 98-degree tilt. It has literally been bowled over and is still rollin' around the Sun like a badass.

Although we are not certain what pushed the planet onto its side, there is speculation that multiple collisions over the years with cosmic objects larger than itself are the cause. Not only has Uranus taken some beatings and lives at a constant slant; it rotates in a retrograde direction, opposite to the way Earth and most other planets turn.

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Furthermore, space images show that Uranus' moon Miranda, which spins at a tilt relative to its beloved planet, has also had a hard-knock life. The moon exhibits many major cracks and canyons, and there is evidence that the surface has clearly been pushed and pulled in varying directions over time. Sound familiar? We can empathize.

But what does this celestial knowledge also imply? That you can carry on despite calamity and go against the grain (or galaxy in this case) if the path does not flow with your particular orbit. Not only do we love these super interesting facts about Uranus and the empowering messages they convey, we are also proud to spotlight the planet's resiliency in this week's piece.

So, next time you're feeling off kilter, slap on your sky god jewelry and keep it rollin' - because there is much we can learn from Uranus.

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