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Say Cheese, Moon!

"All shadows of clouds the sun cannot hide
like the moon cannot stop oceanic tide;
but a hidden star can still be smiling
at night's black spell on darkness, beguiling."
Munia Khan

Oh, Moon. You beautiful beaming satellite that comforts us in the night sky. We love thee. But really, imagine being someone in an earlier civilization looking up at this powerful orb shrouded in mystery just dangling like magic above you. Every night.

Knowing what we do today, I am still in awe at the wonder that is the Sun's steadfast companion. It lights our way in darkness, indicates the passage of time, controls the ebb and flow of tides and tells me how to act - it's hella strong. And on March 23, 1840, the Moon was successfully captured in a photograph for the first time by Mr. John William Draper - an American scientist, philosopher, physician, chemist, historian and photographer - a real 19th-century go-getter.

Photograph of the Moon by John Draper 1840 on Yugen Tribe

Before Draper, there was another lad who attempted this with only fuzzy success and should still be mentioned: Louis Daguerre. This French gentleman is significant because he invented his own photography process - named after him, naturally, the Daguerreotype - that influenced Draper's ability to more clearly photograph the Moon using various exposures over twenty minutes with a five inch telescope (that's about average, right?) Here's the oldest surviving daguerreotype of the moon, taken also by Draper:

daguerreotype of the moon by John Draper on Yugen Tribe

Draper's image is certainly captivating, and on this day we salute these guys for being a part of such an important scientific revolution in the field of photography. So tonight, find some time to go outside and look up at the celestial being that never lets us down, sometimes makes us crazy and, in our case, always complements any vibe, outfit, or occasion.

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