National Handmade Day

The first Saturday in April has been designated National Handmade Day, and this really tickles me. I can't express to you how much handmade stuff excites me; but I can pretty much guarantee that at least 75% of the things I've gifted to friends, family and randos over my lifetime thus far have been handmade (by myself or other artisans) – and this is because I find so much COOL in the creation of creative goodies. Shocker, huh?
This unofficial holiday started a few years ago back in 2018; though I can vouch that I've been celebrating Handmade Day almost erryday in an eclectic way since like 1985 (I mean, gotta give myself a few years to realize that I have hands and I can kinda hold writing utensils and maybe scribble a bit). Some of my most prized possessions were made by people I love, and this is why I love them even more (the person and the possession).
 When I used to work with kiddos as a case manager for at-risk youth, handmade projects were my favorite thing to do (Yes, I was the weirdo artsy-fartsy Miss Brittany who made them do creative shit). But you know what? Kids already want to make things, innately and with flair. They want to express themselves, show they love you through a construction paper card, celebrate a holiday by baking or building a craft. Fun Fact: I even got old, cantankerous male veterans to get in touch with their Salvador Dali sides before I started my jewelry journey with Yugen.
I'm constantly blown away by the immense talent that I see standing out and shining brightly on social media and throughout the world. For realz, most of the IG accounts I follow are handmade artisans (tons of stained glass and woodworking TBH) and I could fall deep into the rabbit hole if I was allowed to gorge on it. To me, there’s nothing better than being inspired by others, and wanting to make something meaningful (with a piece of your literal soul) for someone else to love and cherish.
As I'm currently in the midst of a large, beautiful (kind of overwhelming in the best possible way) custom mosaic window project, my handmade Spidey Senses are in high gear, but I’m also in my happy place. I feel so alive when I’m making something funky and kaleidoscopic, especially if it’s going to be seen and experienced by other people. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of handmade thangs that I make for the simple enjoyment of making them and they don’t go anywhere; but the intent of sending the energy of handmade items out into the world is completely different, in my opinion.
However you keep the handcrafted match lit in your community, we salute you. We appreciate your continued support as we do what we love with our hands (get your mind out of the gutter, Larry), and please keep sharing your skills and talents, whatever they may be, with the world. In fact, drop a pic or comment below. Let me know how you get down with the handmade, hugs!

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