March Gift Guide

March Gift Guide

So, I’ll warn you now…I’m gonna be extra this month because MARCH IS MY M-F’IN BIRFDAY MONTH, Y’ALL! I can’t help but get turnt up – like Jonathan from Queer Eye turnt. Despite the weather usually coming in cold and crusty this time of year, I’m ‘bout to make it steamy up in here.
Galaxy Zodiac Sign Pocket Watch with Milky Way - Outer Space Accessories for Men by Yugen Tribe
The constellation of Pisces weighs in as the fourth largest of the twelve zodiac constellations and fourteenth largest in the whole night sky (#respectthechunk – shout out to @pictureme_scrolling). Containing twenty-one main stars in its asterism, the Alpha starling is Alrischa, meaning “knot in the rope”. Its most brilliant beam comes from Eta Piscium, or Kullat Nunu, which has a luminosity that is 316 times greater than the Sun. That’s right – we hella bright!
At 60-millon-years-old, Beta Piscium is called Fum Al Samakah in Arabic, which translates into “the mouth of the fish”, and can be found hanging out almost 500 light-years away from Earth. Thirteen galaxy groups have been identified within Pisces; with one annual meteor shower, aptly named the Piscids, delivering an average of fifteen shootin’ stars per hour in the early parts of October.
Last month I mentioned that Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the Roman god of freshwater, the sea and horses. As a quirky correlation, I recently read a piece where the proposed spirit animal for Pisces is a seahorse, so that’s fun and fortuitous. Oh, and I’m a zebra in primal astrology (a new branch of astrology for me), which I actually totally get. Yep, Jonathan.
Neptune Illustrated Planetary Enamel Pin by Yugen Tribe
Did you miss the Neptune suggestions in the gift guide for February? I got you, boo.
As much as I’d love to ramble on and on about myself and how Pisces is the best sign blah blah blah…I’ll use my innate Piscean humility and turn the spot light on for my party pal, Aries, who’s also gettin’ turnt this month. Aries officially kicks off the celebration on the 21st, and we all know these rowdy rams get it in since they’re considered the opening gig of the zodiac line-up. Making Pisces the closing act, befitting.
Aries is said to have deep roots in the sky, dating back to the astrological systems of the Babylonians. The asterism formed by its three prominent stars, Alpha, Beta and Gamma Arietis, have been used for navigation for centuries. In Greek mythology, a story speaks of a gold colored ram who rescued twin boys, Phrixus and Helle, from peril. This is the same ram that is sacrificed to Zeus; and mentioned in the fable of Jason and the Argonauts, which involves the Golden Fleece made from the golden-haired winged ram.
Authentic Meteorite Earrings - Oval Post Stud Earrings with Campo del Cielo Raw Space Rock, Real Meteorite Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
Authentic Meteorite Stud Earrings
Several meteor showers are associated with Aries, and since we’re still kind of at the beginning-ish of the year, here is a handy link for all upcoming 2020 meteor showers so you can mark your calendars!
Masculine Mars mojo feeds the ram, and we’re literally crazy about the Red Planet, so you’re in luck, my fiery friends! Peep these brand new amazing Mars-related gift ideas for yourself or your beebee, and feel free to do the happy dance while you do it.

Mars Earrings - Stud or Dangle

Mars Necklace
Mars Ring
Still looking for some more rad ideas? Here’s a random list of things I love, so you might love them, too: the entire LightSail jewelry collection for The Planetary Society (Y'know, that thing that Lauren saw get shot into space? It's awesome. Wanna get the latest LightSail mission scoop? Click here!).
Interchangeable Magnetic Outer Space Ring Featuring LightSail 2 by Yugen Tribe for The Planetary Society
Interchangeable LightSail Ring
LightSail 2 Rectangular Simple Silver Pendant Necklace by Yugen Tribe for The Planetary Society
LightSail 2 Pendant Necklace
Interchangeable Dangle Earrings with LightSail Spacecraft Images from Space - Handcrafted Exploration Jewelry by Yugen Tribe for The Planetary Society
Interchangeable LightSail Earrings
Chunky Hammered Silver Adjustable Ring with Custom Galaxy - You Choose Outer Space Image or Planet, Handcrafted Celestial Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
These inexpensive and uber cute adjustable galaxy rings (especially with Crab, Orion Light, Jellyfish or Stars in Scorpius).
Bottle Opener Keychain with Custom Galaxy Image by Yugen Tribe
Custom Double Sided My Moon KeyChain - Custom moon phases from dates, how the moon looked in sky on birthday by yugen tribe
Custom Keychain with Celestial Galaxy Image of Planet Moon Nebula - Handcrafted Gifts by Yugen Tribe
All da keychains (I mean, everyone has keys, amirite?)
Solar System Planet Enamel Pins - Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Moon - Celestial Accessories by Yugen Tribe
And our ridiculously awesome enamel pins of the Solar System and Moon Phases because I know there’s a sad jean jacket or backpack out there longing for a dope decorative pin. Make a jacket (and the person wearing it) happy today.
Full Moon and Crescent Moon Enamel Pins - Lunar Phase Set of Enamel Pins by Yugen Tribe, Celestial Accessories
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