July Gift Guide

July Gift Guide

Happy hot July and second half of 2019, beautiful people! Last month we introduced our first mini zodiac post with Gemini and Cancer. This time around we’ll continue with a lil’ bit more about The Crab (June 21-July 22) and bring Leo the Lion (July 23-August 30) into the mix. 

Crab Nebula Sterling Silver Ring - Cosmos Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
Sterling Ring featuring Crab Nebula

My mom and dad both have birthdays this month, so shout out to them! If you haven’t scooped up a cute crabby gift for your people yet, shame on you! (Just kidding.) I’m sure you’ve seen our recent gift guides with moonstone pieces, zodiac necklaces, smell goods and such for Cancer, but if you’ve been hiding under a rock trying to stay cool, click here to revisit!

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, other nifty gifts that would be applicable are LITERALLY ANYTHING AWESOME THAT WE MAKE WITH THE MOON! Which is a lot, but we'll focus just on a couple of birth moon favorites today. Unfamiliar with our birth moon jewelry? All you need to do is provide us with the date you wish to celebrate (and the time zone and/or time of day if you know it) and we find out what the moon looked like in the sky at that time. Then we create a gorgeous piece using that moon phase! This is a VERY popular (and personal!) birthday gift option that tons of people come to us to create.

Moon Phase Ring - Phases of the Moon Ring - Custom Moon Date Jewelry - Birth Moon Jewellery by Yugen Tribe

Our new sculptural rings have been a huge hit. And here you get 3 extra phases on top of your very own custom moon phase shown in the circle bezel!


Double Sided Birth Moon Necklace - 2 Moon Dates - Moondate Jewelry by Yugen Tribe

Looking to celebrate two dates? Our double sided moon date necklace is a fan favorite!


Birth Moon Charm Bracelet - Celebrate Multiple Dates - Moon Date Bangle Jewelry by Yugen Tribe

Here's a long term crowd pleasure FOR SURE. This charm bracelet not only lets you celebrate multiple dates, but gives you the flexibility to keep adding for years to come as more special events happen - like weddings, births, even memorials.


Leo, which aptly means “lion” in Latin, is one of the 48 constellations first identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. It’s also the twelfth largest constellation in the night sky, covering an area of 947 square degrees. In Greek mythology, Leo was named after the Nemean lion, which was killed by Hercules on the first of his twelve quests for the King of Mycenae. According to legend, the lion had a hide that could not be penetrated by iron, bronze, or stone. After an attempt at trying to reason with the lion (which humors me), Hercules used brute force and strangled the beast to death.

Hercules' fight with the Nemean lion, Pieter Paul Rubens.
"Hercules' Fight with the Nemean Lion" by Pieter Paul Rubens

There are four annual meteor showers associated with the constellation Leo, which seems appropriate because Leos looooove attention all year ‘round. (Hey, I have plenty of Leo friends, so I get it. No judgment.) The first is the Delta Leonids, which can be seen from February 5th (peaking late in the month) through March 19th. Second is the Sigma Leonid meteor shower, which begins on or around April 17th. Thirdly, the November Leonids (the largest and most dependable shower in the bunch) peaks near November 17th with fast-paced activity a few days before and after. The radiant is near Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation and one of the overall most luminous in the night sky, making it a spectacular shower. Finally, the Leo Minorids peak on or about December 14th, so that gives you multiple chances throughout the year to catch a Leo-related sky show!



Whatever your gifting style for your favorite July babe, we're here for you. Contact us anytime!



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