It's Brittany's birthday and she'll rant if she wants to!

It's Brittany's birthday and she'll rant if she wants to!

Whelp, today is my 37th born day, friends! This last trip around the Sun has had its share of crappy setbacks and challenges; but even so, each year I somehow survive and come out stronger on the other end. Thank you, Universe, for reminding me that I'm powerful, purposeful and pretty darn cool (if I do say so myself). Here's 37 random things (in no particular order) that I've learned through experience over the last 37 years:

  1. If someone makes an unpleasant face and then says, "smell this" – don't do it.
  2. Don't go to bed hungry. Your stomach doesn't give a shit what time it is.
  3. If you're already having an unlucky day, don't go get your hair cut.
  4. People are going to let you down. You are people. Learn to forgive yourself.
  5. Always trust your gut. That Buddha belly is wise AF.
  6. Some things, like pizza and cereal, are acceptable at any time of day.
  7. You're only responsible for your own journey.
  8. Definitely eat before you get drunk. Also, eat something while you're drunk.
  9. Get comfortable with your own company. You'll spend a lot of time in the midst of it.
  10. Give that compliment to someone when you feel compelled – be the light! I've remembered kind words years after they've been spoken. 
  11. If you have a chance to be kind or cruel, choose kindness. You'll regret it less later.
  12. I don't care what your smile looks like, or what you think it looks like, I want to see that shit.
  13. Every choice you make has a ripple effect. Try, as much as possible, to choose with care.
  14. Live your truth. There's more pain in pretending than honoring your authenticity.
  15. When you learn something you think is interesting, share it with someone else. Knowledge is power.
  16. Perform random acts of kindness. The benefit is synergistic.
  17. Learn to read the vibe of the room. This will save you from numerous awkward situations.
  18. You don't have to keep toxic people in your life, no matter what their relationship is to you. Refer to Number 7. 
  19. Pack extra underwear. What the hell – socks, too.
  20. Spend time with children and old folks. They both have life gems to share.
  21. Find the balance between spontaneity and planning. That's the sweet spot.
  22. It's okay to not have all the answers right now, but never think you have all the answers.
  23. Sometimes there's a big difference between what you think you want and what you actually need. Don't worry, the Universe will clear it up for you.
  24. Have a back-up plan. It makes life a lot easier.
  25. Practice active listening. When you're just waiting to talk, you miss the real message.
  26. Water is the nectar of the gods.
  27. Be the bigger person. You know what I mean by that.
  28. Resist the urge to exaggerate. Most of the time it’s not necessary.
  29. Splurge on experiences, not possessions.
  30. Listen to your body. It's telling you what it needs, and it knows what to do.
  31. Acknowledge and cultivate the strengths of others. It's a natural confidence booster for all parties.
  32. No one is lovable all the time, so hang on tightly to the people who have loved you when you're a hot, hot mess.
  33. Anyone can benefit from therapy. Probably even you.
  34. You can't make anyone change, but you can change the way you respond to them.
  35. Release it. Whatever "it" is, let it go. Write about it. Scream about it. Run it out. Sleep it off. But don't hold onto it.
  36. Everyone is creative in some way, shape or form. You just gotta find your medium.
  37. Stop apologizing for being sensitive and emotional. Feel your feelings. Feel your heart. Love yourself.
I’m sure that was all incredibly helpful information, so you’re welcome for weathering the proverbial storms of life to save you the trouble. I’m also sure that my birthday falling on a full supermoon has to mean something auspicious, right? Called the Full Worm Moon, I’m super hoping (fingers crossed, rabbit foot rubbing, lucky socks hoping) that tonight’s glorious orb is a serendipitous sign for this next year.
It's referred to as the Full Worm Moon because as the ground begins to thaw, earthworms reemerge like soil sirens calling to robins. To the settlers, who were not birds, the Lenten Moon was considered to be the last full moon of winter. Native American tribes know it as the Fulcrum Moon, when the cawing of crows signals the end of winter. Other nicknames include the Full Crust Moon, because snow that falls during the day freezes (or crusts) by night, and the Full Sap Moon, as it marks the time of sapping maple trees.
If you feel like sending me some good juju today (because doesn’t it sound like I could use it?), feel free to do so. The Universe will deliver as it sees fit, and I trust the process – so hugs, beautiful people!
P.S. Here are some photos of me through the years, you are welcome.

 A candid photo of me in my out-of-breath element on Field Day. I knew at an early age that a) I wasn't meant for long-distance running and b) I couldn't see shit outside without sunglasses. 

Even in 5th grade, low-maintenance hairstyles were my go-to. Also, peep the groovy specs. I was way ahead of my time.

Good ol' Father & Daughter Dance with my pops. One of us was super excited.

Nerd Alert! As the sticker indicates, I was all "yasssss!" when my National Geographic magazines came in. That ensemble I'm rockin' is a fun side note, huh?

Yellow always has been a great color on me. Though I've come to accept any hat that accentuates my already giant melon doesn't really work for me.
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