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When folks think about science and astrology, they typically think of two separate entities. It’s not wrong—science is one thing, and astrology is another. However, there are certain points where these two worlds meet, and it’s something that scientists have studied for a number of years. Before delving into how science meets astrology, it makes sense to break down the two practices on their own first.
What Is Science?
Explaining science is a complicated thing, but to break it down simply, science is the study of nature and the behavior of natural things. Science can be further broken down into a variety of different branches such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. As humans, we are natural things, and the study of our biological makeup and our nature is a science in and of itself. With this in mind, you can begin to see how astrology and its impact on human behaviors begin to branch into the scientific territory.
Like astrology, science also works in predictions. By looking at testable explanations, scientists are able to use the evidence they’ve collected to make educated predictions about the future. An area of study where this is demonstrated is meteorology, which is the science of weather. Meteorologists use their knowledge to find weather trends and signs, and they use those pieces of evidence to predict what the weather will be like in the future. When you see the weekly forecast for your area, you’re looking at predictive science in a real-life application.
What Is Astrology?
Astrology is the study of distant cosmic influences and how these affect human lives. Stars and planets take certain positions at certain times, and it is believed that these positions hold influence over people in various ways. They can influence relationships romantic and platonic alike, they can shape personalities, and they can influence how individuals react to everything that is happening around them. For instance, if an argument occurs seemingly out of the blue, it could be influenced by planetary alignments and how those energies affect our tempers, personalities, and relationships as a whole.
Astrology has been practiced since ancient times, and ancient cultures all had their own forms of astrology. What is quite interesting is how many of those forms seem to overlap despite being separated by, at times, thousands of years and thousands of miles of physical distance. Some of those ancient practices of astrology have come together to evolve into the modern western astrology we know today.
Western astrology has its own differences, and typically, it is split into the end result or the outcome of a reading. The three main types of western astrology include:
  1. Natal astrology – Natal astrology is the type of astrology that most of us are familiar with. This form of astrology makes predictions and statements based on a person’s date and time of birth and how the planets were situated at that time. Also known as the Law of Beginnings, it is based on the idea that everything that happens to a person or thing has been expressed from the very beginning.
  2. Mundane astrology – Mundane astrology is anything but mundane. It is astrology used to predict and examine world events such as wars, famine, economic crises, and political outcomes. Rather than making predictions about a specific person or being, it uses the planetary alignments to explain or predict world situations.
  3. Interrogatory astrology – Interrogatory astrology can be broken down further, but generally, it has to do with making specific predictions regarding a subject’s specific objectives or events within that subject’s life. If a person is being read regarding a job change in the future and their objectives in finding their new career, this would fall under interrogatory astrology.
The Meeting Of Science And Astrology
After learning the differences between what science is and what astrology is, one can start to see the areas where these two practices would overlap. Science has to do with the behavior of natural things and astrology has to do with the behavior of living beings and the events in their life, so one can help out the other in a variety of circumstances.
Science and astrology are meeting in a concrete way right now in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In conjunction with the local hospital, astrologers have developed a mental health workshop using astrology to help patients take better control of their own mental healthcare going forward. This is a referral-only workshop, where individuals are invited by their doctors to participate in the once-weekly 90-minute classes. Run by astrologist Claudia Rico, it’s also a popular program with local nurses looking to sit in and understand how astrology could be used to improve future mental healthcare techniques.
This practice is known as “therapeutic astrology.” The lead astrologer charts each individual in the program and uses their charting to help answer questions surrounding happenings in their life. For patients suffering from conditions like anxiety and depression, they find that having astrology to answer the “why” or the “how” of a situation works to provide functional comfort and a way to move forward with healthy coping.
This successful program has been ongoing since 2016, having gained approval from the coordinator general of the Barrial Mental Health Program in 2015. While not used as a sole treatment, it is used as a holistic support system to provide confidence and peace to patients suffering from a wide variety of mental health conditions.
Both science and astrology are rooted in the studies of behaviors, and when it comes to the behaviors of human beings, there is quite a bit of overlap to be found. Like science, astrology studies are ongoing, and the more we learn about each, the more overlap we’re likely to find. It’s human nature to want to know what is coming next and where we stand in the world around us and to feel understood. Both science and astrology take care of those highly important needs in a real-world and functional way we can understand.
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