Go LightSail (Jewelry)!

I'm sure you remember my gushing over the Planetary Society rocket launch we were lucky enough to attend back in June, right?
What's even better is the LightSail that was launched early that morning has been sending photos back to Earth documenting its adventures in orbit! And you know what that means...
Jewelry, baby! We have created a little (but growing) collection of jewelry incorporating these exciting images. Did you know that a portion of all of our sales from the Galaxy Collection gets donated to The Planetary Society for projects just like this? Well, they do! And because of that, YOU helped fund this space exploration venture. And you deserve a handcrafted piece of jewelry to commemorate something so cool!
As we have partnered up directly with TPS for this jewelry, donations from pieces sold out of our new Planetary Society Collection will be even higher than before!
Not sure which piece to pick because you love all of the different images coming back from the LightSail? No sweat, me too. With our interchangeable pieces, you can have 5 different magnetic images to swap in and out!
Go LightSail!

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