February Gift Guide

Happy New Year, friends! Officially, that is. Because we all know that everyone still wrote 2019 for most of January, so now that we actually know the correct year, we can really make it stick. But for realz…I truly hope that this first post for February finds you in great spirits, health and happiness.
Jumping back into zodiac gift guiding this month, up first we have Aquarius, the water bearer, who has been in the cosmic spotlight for a few weeks now. In Greek mythology, Aquarius was tied to the tale of a cup bearer who replenished the cups of the gods. His niche was wetting the whistle of Zeus with water and wine; and for his outstanding service, Aquarius was immortalized in the stars. Kinda the equivalent of a back-in-the-day Greek severance package.
Aquarius was apparently a busy boy. In text, he’s associated with all kinds of myths and stories. He’s said to have purposefully flooded Earth, and to be the keeper of The Nile’s ebb and flow. He’s linked to the son of Prometheus, who built a ship with his wife Pyrrha to survive a forthcoming flood. Ganymede, the namesake of one of Jupiter’s moons, is also thrown into the mix. In this case, the son of Trojan King Tros was a friend and fellow cup bearer for Zeus (I’m seeing a trend here) on top of Mount Olympus.
Fun Fact: In Chinese astronomy, Aquarius can be found in the Northern quadrant of the sky, which is represented by the Black Tortoise (or Black Warrior) of the North in Chinese culture.
Out of the many stones with Aquarian affiliation, I wanted to draw attention to Moonstone because our jewelry collection with this starlit gem has been slowly expanding and it’s simply gorgeous. Moonstone is a great beginner stone because it calms the inner storms to promote clarity and emotional growth. It has been known to soothe mood instabilities and stressors, and also allegedly promotes good fortune in matters of business and pleasure alike – but don’t blame me if that’s not the case.
I’m going to share some of my personal favorites among the Moonstone pieces so you know what to snag when you’re ready to jump on something special for your bestie’s born day or next Treat Yo’Self Day.
Moonstone Teardrop Ring by Yugen Tribe - Moondrop Silver Ring
This dainty beaut has been picking up steam in the production line recently. This ring is aesthetically pleasing with its cutie moondrop Moonstone and Mandala-like vibe, and (bonus!) looks stunning in both tones.
While we’re on the topic of rings that rock, this subtly sweet crescent piece is also quickly becoming a favorite amongst all the cool kids. In fact, this style is fun to make with a custom galaxy image, too, so don’t underestimate the power of personalization! 
Crescent Moon Wrap Ring with Rainbow Moonstone in Silver Tone, Celestial Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
A veteran mini-collection that deserves some doting is the Meditation Lotus trio, which makes a statement and that statement is “Yes, I have unique taste in jewelry – thanks for noticing!”. If you’re looking for something that encompasses the delicate melding of metal fabrication and good juju jewels, you’ll relish in the detail of these pieces. Paired with Moonstone is the powerhouse Labradorite, a stone of transformation. It’s an advantageous ally to have through phases of change, especially for providing strength and stamina during hardships. Big news, though - these have all been discontinued and are now on super sale in our Etsy shop! Click the pictures to be taken there.
Lotus Shaped Necklace with Flashy Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone - Natural Stone Yoga Meditation Nature Jewelry on Clearance by Yugen Tribe
Lotus Shaped Ring with Flashy Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone - Natural Stone Yoga Meditation Nature Jewelry on Clearance by Yugen Tribe
Lotus Shaped Cuff Bracelet with Flashy Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone - Natural Stone Yoga Meditation Nature Jewelry on Clearance by Yugen Tribe
Opal, regarded for its ability to stimulate creativity and originality, is another stone that is accredited to the month of February; so, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least drop a handy link for the Moon Phase ring with the beautiful Black Opal embodying the mystical New Moon.
Moon Phase Band with Black Opal - New Moon Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
A nebula that I’ve noticed gaining more recognition recently is Helix, which is one of the closest planetary nebulae to Earth. This celestial object has been called “The Eye of God”, as well as “The Eye of Sauron”. Fun Fact for all of you Lord of the Rings fans whose eyebrows went up at the mention of Sauron: Yep, like the main antagonist who rules the land of Mordor and annoyingly aspires to rule it all. 
Helix Nebula Outer Space Galaxy Celestial Locket Pendant Necklace by Yugen Tribe
The Helix nebula is definitely eye catching (see what I did there?), especially since it hearkens to the Eye of God collection that allows you to choose any galaxy image – even Helix! So, essentially it would be an Eye of God inside an Eye of God. Like cosmic double vision. Mind. Blown.
Eye of God, Evil Eye Earrings with Galaxy Image by Yugen Tribe - Celestial Cosmic Jewelry
Eye of God, Evil Eye Necklace with Galaxy Image by Yugen Tribe - Celestial Cosmic Jewelry
Next, let’s briefly touch on the other sibling sign that shares February, which is Pisces. This sign is said to represent two fish bound together, with one theory being that it’s Aphrodite and her son Eros who transformed into the fish as they fled from the unwelcome pursuit of the serpentine creature, Typhon. In fact, there are several proposed theories as to who the fish epitomize; and as soon as I realized this, I laughed out loud and said, “Of course the origin story is complicated.” You see, folks, I’m a Pisces myself and that is the title of my autobiography.
Fun Fact: The constellation of Pisces is notable for containing the point of the Vernal Equinox, which is the position in which the Sun crosses the celestial equator into the Northern Hemisphere (bringing back much needed warmth and light – hallelujer!) around March 20th each year. This point used to be found in Aries; however, because of precession, the Earth’s wobble on its axis, it’s tottered its way into Pisces.
Not only do Aquarius and Pisces share an office wall on the zodiac wheel, their ruling planets are next door neighbors. Aquarians feel the magnetic mental buzz of Uranus as it fuels revolutionary thinking and the ability to visualize new possibilities. (What’s up, 2020?! Be the change!). Pisceans are influenced by the siren songs of Neptune, the planet that represents the Universal ocean of oneness with all beings (annnnd the title of my second book). 
Uranus Enamel Pin - Soft Enamel Pin, Solar System Collectible by Yugen Tribe
Neptune Sterling Silver Celestial Planet Ring, Solar System Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
Since Pisces will have another short cameo in next month’s gift guide, let’s quickly talk Valentine’s Day! Are you someone who loves love? Are you Team Hearts and Teddy Bears? Then you will definitely dig all the jewelry we can make with the Heart nebula (sorry, nothing for teddies yet). That’s right! There’s an actual nebula that resembles a heart – well, the kind of red heart you doodle in your math notebook or end an Instagram post with, not an anatomically correct human heart. Unless you’re dating Dexter. 
Heart Nebula Cuff Links - Galaxy Cufflinks for Valentines Day, Weddings, Celestial Mens Accessories by Yugen Tribe
Heart Nebula Post Earrings - Galaxy Studs for Valentines Day, Weddings, Celestial Womens Accessories by Yugen Tribe
Let’s be honest, most of us are probably living on a budget, not a dream, so gift giving can become expensive – especially this early into the post-Christmas blues. But guess what? Giving your sweetheart something super rad and meaningful doesn’t have to break the bank. There are tons of great goodies on sale over in our Etsy shop, including some of my fav stuffs, like this Mountain Song Pendant set with copper turquoise; this adorable (and uber comfy!) Illustrated Tree Tee that pays homage to the great outdoors; this Bohemian Fan Pendant paired with Natural Jasper, which is sure to complement any favorite sweater; and this stylish Bronze Cuff showcasing a large and luscious piece of Labradorite, because your love is deeper than looking into the depths of this ocean stone (Hey friend, I’m just trying to help you out).
However you proclaim your love through material offerings, we are here to ensure it will wow ‘em 💗

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