Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

We can no longer sit idly by and not use our privilege and our platform. Enough is enough - we must speak up and speak out against the atrocities of racial bias, police brutality, and senseless murders of black folks like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. Their lives snuffed out for the crime of simply existing.

We have one job in this movement: to assist. That means to uplift black voices; to support their cause in ways they need; to call out racism where we see it; to listen and learn; and to do the hard work of unpacking our own privileges, implicit biases, and actively practice anti-racism.

Today we donated our last month of Patreon earnings to the Baltimore Bail Fund. We will work to find more ways to help as time goes on.
We are all feeling heartbroken, overwhelmed, and lost. And if you're white (like us) and want to better grasp the black experience in America and around the globe, to unpack your own privilege and wield it as a tool for good, here are a few places you can start.
  • If you're here, you are probably interested in STE(A)M as much as we are. Some community twitter accounts we love are Black Women in Stem, Black in STEM, and Black AF in STEM. Their content is awesome.
  • Learn about what White Privilege really is. It is not an attack against your person, it is a reality that means people of color move through life against different obstacles than we do as white people. This comic is a great place to begin.
  • Take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test to see where you currently fall on the spectrum of racial bias. It is not a critique, only a resource to find where you have to start to unlearn racial biases and begin the active practice of being anti-racist. Remember - it is not your fault that you were raised in a society that was built on racism and racist acts, but it is your responsibility to learn about that history and start the uncomfortable process of undoing those biases in yourself.
  • Read about the Black Lives Matter movement - why it began, and why it is crucial. And if you're ready, find ways you can support them in your area.
  • Support black owned businesses. This list of black owned Etsy shops is a wonderful place to begin - and while we're still in a pandemic, it will keep you safe and shopping at home, too.
  • Read books about the minority experience. Here are some titles suggested by our local book store
On a personal note - I am certainly no expert, and will continue to make mistakes as an imperfect white ally, but these are sources that helped to educate me the past few years. Perhaps they will help you, too. 

Above all, the most important thing we can do is pay attention and listen to minority voices. They are telling their truth even if it looks different than your (and my) experience. If your knee-jerk reaction to these conversations is to respond with "All Lives Matter" - then you may have missed the point. NO lives matter until Black lives matter, too. You can be a part of making that happen. It is never too late to begin the journey. The Universe is big enough for all of us so long as we fight for one another. 
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