A Few of Brittany's Favorite Things

Hi, Brittany here! As a little “just saying hi” kinda blog on this glorious hump day, I’m going to highlight some pieces that I especially like and tell ya why!
Rings of Saturn Necklace - 14k Gold, Natural Agate - Boho Space Jewelry by Yugen Tribe
First up, I’m a huge fan of the Rings of Saturn necklace. I’m usually not much of a gold jewelry kinda gal personally, but there’s something about this necklace that really speaks to me. The natural agate stones are gawgeous, with the captivating rings beautifully mimicking those of the planet. The simplicity and sexiness of the design is also super appealing, and delicately draws the eye. Don’t think I’m a weirdo, but sometimes I just hold the agate in my hand and stare longingly at it. I said sometimes, people. Sheesh. But really - if you saw it in person, you would, too!
Tiny Small Petite Triangle Earrings with Natural Turquoise - Simple Turquoise Studs by Yugen Tribe
Next, I wear my set of Petite Triangle Turquoise Studs allllllll the time. Literally. Even though I make a ton of super fab jewelry on the daily, my tastes outside of the studio are pretty simple. These earrings are a staple in my wardrobe because they’re understated and go with so many outfits. Turquoise has been, and always will be, one of my favorite stones. According to Native American culture, turquoise holds powerful healing properties, and has more specific meaning for different tribes. Some deities carry weapons and live in homes made of turquoise. The Apache believe turquoise filled the pot at the end of the rainbow. Zuni ceremonies include turquoise-colored face, mask, and body paint to represent Awonauilona, the Sun’s life-giving power. Whatever the belief, I always feel radiant when I wear these studs.
Gold Moon Phase Ring with Black Opal - Moonphase Galaxy Celestial Jewellery by Yugen Tribe
Lastly, one of my new favorite pieces that was recently unveiled is the gold Moon Phase Ring with Opal. When the opal is set in the ring, it literally beams from the center and is seriously stunning. Some of the stones have more of a dark red hue, some are peppered with blue/green flecks. This ring is very pretty, lightweight and durable; and with the soft moon phase arch, it’s a true beauty in my book. Having chubbier fingers than most folks, not all rings work for me. But this one has enough body (and adjustability) to it, without being clunky, to accent my rotund ring finger. The iridescence of the opal is sweet and subtle, but flawlessly stands in (and out) as the full moon in the design.
Which designs are your favorites? Drop them in the comments!

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