"This is the coolest thing. I bought both the solar system and the galaxy magnets, and am enjoying both immensely. I'm impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. What a great idea, and so fun to wear!" - Kim, Magnetic Galaxy Jewelry

"I got this personalized with a photo of my late father for my sister to have on her wedding bouquet. The final product is perfect and really high quality. The maker ensures you are happy with the photo before putting it together. Her communication is really good and prompt. VERY happy with this." - Hilary, Custom Bouquet Pin

"This a gorgeous piece of jewelery, and the seller was sooo helpful! I had some questions before ordering and she responded practically immediately, and was very helpful in answering all of my concerns (I wondered how long it would take to make/ship as I wanted to give it as a gift). Then when the post office made a tracking error, she promptly looked into it for me and made sure my order got to me. The necklace is beautiful, came in a pretty bag with care instructions and is wonderful quality. I will DEFINITELY return!" - Stephanie, Constellation Necklace

"These are absolutely AMAZING!! If I could give you 10 stars.. I would! You did a great job on something that my fiancé is going to treasure forever. It means so much. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you!! :)" - Heather, Custom Photo Cufflinks

"Absolutely stunning and perfect as gifts for both of our fathers at the wedding! Lauren worked with me to make sure the images fit and looked good before making them. Wonderful customer service and fast shipping. Highly recommended!" - Cassie, Custom Pocket Watch

"Item is beautifully hand crafted and makes for an excellent present. Was especially impressed with the way the planets look; they have a crisp image and stand out brilliantly. I also received excellent customer service from the seller regarding a question about the bracelet. They were not only very timely in responding but also very generous with their help. Would definitely buy from them again." - Kevin, Solar System Bracelet

"My son bought this for his auntie for Christmas with his own money. He is thrilled with how realistic the planets all look. He says it is the perfect gift for her. (she bought him a telescope)" - Juliane, Solar System Cuff

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