Slightly Flawed Grab Bag - $20+ Value

Slightly Flawed Grab Bag - $20+ Value

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Please note - your clearance item purchase will not arrive in a gift box.

Now is your chance to snag a surprise! With the purchase of this listing, you'll receive a piece of jewelry from our galaxy collection. The piece will be flawed, such as a discolored planet, a slightly blurry moon, a plating error, etc. Because of this, the savings are great!

For $5, you will get a piece of jewelry from our galaxy collection valued at over $20. Though it will have a slight flaw, it will be perfectly wearable, functional, overall attractive.

We will choose the piece for you. Requests are welcome, but will in *no way* be guaranteed.

This sale is final and the product cannot be returned or refunded. However if it arrives fully broken and non-functional, please contact us.